42 Things I Love About Iceland

Iceland flag


1. Appreciating the sarcastic humor of Icelandair

2. Take a self-guided walking tour of Reykjavik’s public art

3. Whale watching on a brisk morning

4. Take a dive between two continents at one of the most unique SCUBA spots in the world

5. Touring the Golden Circle

6. Eating some of the best hot dogs in the world

7. NOT eating at McDonald’s – there isn’t one!

Reykjavik, Iceland

8. Learning about the island’s history at the National Museum of Iceland

9. Finding your own thermal pool to enjoy away from the masses

10. Learn more about the country’s maritime culture at the Víkin Maritime Museum

11. Admiring the views at Thingvilir

12. Driving the Ring Road

13. Staying up late for a chance to see the Northern Lights

14. Enjoy some unusual shopping along the streets of Reykjavik

Gullfoss, Iceland

15. Soaking up the views and mist from Gullfloss waterfall

16. Hike along the massive glaciers

17. Spending time with the outrageously cute Icelandic horses

18. Yes, you can even go white water rafting in Iceland!

19. For a different adventure, head to Landmannalaugar where beauty reigns supreme

20. Enjoy a picnic along the banks of the Tjörnin, the placid lake in the middle of town

21. Learning more about Iceland’s Viking past

Geysers,Iceland Golden Circle

22. Experimenting with Reykjavik’s always evolving restaurant offerings

23. Go on a city tour led by a local

24. Watching the amazing geysers explode

25. Nature lovers should spend time exploring Vatnajökull National Park

26. Go off-roading in an ATV along the volcanic plains of the Reykjanes peninsula

27. Explore the unique geography of Iceland from below on a caving expedition


28. Enjoying how quick the trip is from the East Coast of the US

29. Hike through  Þórsmörk – the valley between the glaciers

30. Embark on a Saga Tour to learn more about the history and culture of the beautiful island nation

31. Heading inland to climb and enjoy amazing views

32. Packing extra memory cards for all the photos you’ll take

33. Take a tour to see the elusive puffins

34. Lounging in the Blue Lagoon

church Reykjavik

35. Marveling at the unusual but beautiful Hallgrímskirkja church

36. Wandering around the beautiful downtown of Reykjavik

37. Soak up at the culture at the Reykjavík Art Museum

38. NOT eating minke whale

39. Sampling the legendary nightlife in town

40. Relaxing in one of the many posh, boutique hotels in Reykjavik

41. Enjoying a mud spa treatment at the Blue Lagoon

42. Planning your next trip back


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By: Mike

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14 Responses

  1. Monica

    It sounds like there are so many amazing things to do in Iceland. I’m going for a week in October and I’m so excited!

  2. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    Haha I like #42! I need to get back to Iceland, because I missed the Northern Lights when I was there.

  3. Noel

    I’d love to see Iceland in the future and enjoy nature, icescapes, sights and food. I’d heard people there are friendly and they believe in the stories of dwarves.

  4. P.G.

    I love the clean air, the crisp, cool water to drink and endless hot water in the shower.
    How true light reflects colour.
    Hiking inside a volcano.

  5. Eileen

    Love Iceland was there in June I am going back.It is beautiful

  6. lelde

    Seeing Icelandic dogs with cute curly tails.

  7. Jo-Ann

    Am heading back in Sep – 3rd visit in 9 months. It’s just an amazing place. I would add the warm and friendly citizens of Iceland.

  8. Jeri Karason

    hearing, seeing , feeling all the Spirits that are still walking among us and the honest belief of the people in the Afterlife. The country is alive.

  9. solara

    i love all the cats in reykjavik! and i love the wonderful icelandic friends i’ve made. and the amazing music scene. and the fashion. and the art. and the sushi. and the etc, etc, ad infinitum…
    iceland is the best.

  10. Taking to the Open Road

    No. 6 – that little hotdog stand near the waterfront… to die for! I think we stood in the sleet for 25 minutes wolfing down 3 – 4 of them. Each. Good times! I think the secret is in the remoulade… and the crispy onions!

  11. Gordon Cooper

    I would love to visit the site of the oldest continuous representative democracy in the West, and ask the various elected officials how they have made it work for so long.

  12. Dom

    The people! who are down-to-earth, friendly, individualistic, hardy and proud to share their country’s beauty and culture with visitors.

  13. Andres

    Well ! go on a riding tour with Reykjavik Riding Center 🙂 it is a must do !

  14. Jill

    Just booked a trip to Iceland, Finland, and Estonia tonight! Love your blog.


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