Trip News: January 19, 2018


Trip Weekly

American Airlines will designate its Chicago O’Hare-New York LaGuardia service as an American Shuttle route, beginning April 4.

The designation won’t result in a schedule change, as the carrier is currently flying a shuttle schedule between O’Hare and LaGuardia with 15 daily frequencies that depart on a mostly hourly basis.

But as a shuttle, service changes will be made to cater to the business market.


Trip Pulse

Following the announcement that it would be returning to Caribbean cruising to do good, Fathom is beginning to thrive again aboard Princess Cruises.

Crown Princess voyage sold out during its first inaugural group on the January 20, 2018, and more impact travel has been planned across the fleet.


USA Today

Emirates airline announced Thursday that it has reached a deal to buy 20 Airbus A380s with an option for 16 more.

The deal is a breakthrough for Airbus, whose double-decked A380 faced an uncertain future amid weak sales. It was just last week that Airbus sales chief John Leahy acknowledged the jetmaker could end production of the A380 if it did not soon win new orders.



We live in a technologically-advanced world overrun with smartphones, smart homes, and even self-driving cars. However, the hotel experience has remained largely low-tech. Las Vegas hotels are now beginning to embrace the possibilities of an advanced technological guest experience.

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