Travel News: March 14, 2018

Perth Australia

Emirates unveils redone 777, increases U.S. flights
Travel Weekly

Emirates will increase frequencies on flights to the U.S. this month for the first time since reducing U.S. service last April in response to Trump administration policies.

“Demand is back up,” Emirates vice president of North American sales Matthias Schmid said. “We see very, very strong demand, and we are again in a position to manage some moderate growth in the U.S. network.”


United apologizes: Flier’s dog died after put in overhead bin
USA Today

United Airlines is apologizing for the death of a passenger’s dog that a flight attendant reportedly insisted be stowed in an overhead bin during a Monday flight from Houston to New York.

United confirmed an incident involving the dog to USA TODAY and says it’s now looking into what led up to the episode.


Luxury Pop-Up Hotels Are the Ultimate New Travel Adventure

Forget the usual travel playbook: proper hotels, predictable services, planned itineraries. There’s another, more adventurous way. At travel’s cutting edge, all the world’s your stage, and the trip designer is your genie in a bottle. Bespoke does not begin to capture the possibilities: You can sleep luxuriously in an uninhabited wilderness. Dine lavishly on a desert dune. Get beamed, Star Trek–style, from your Mediterranean cruise to the landlocked vastness of Mongolia. Few will follow in your footsteps (that’s bragging rights), and no trace of you will remain behind (tents and props will be packed up). But you can relish the environmental correctness of that. And the adventures will last where they matter most: in your memory.


Perth misses out on Australia’s tourism boom despite record $41 billion spend

A TOURISM boom is in full swing – visitors spent a record $41 billion in Australia during 2017.

Yet fewer people came to WA and there was a sharp decline in spending.

The state’s visitors dropped one per cent to 946,000 in the 12 months to December 2017 an the number of nights visitors stayed for fell eight per cent.

There was also a drop of five per cent in visitor spending in WA, which translates to $120 million less than the previous year.

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