Trip News: April 9, 2018


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For the eight properties comprising the portfolio of International Hospitality Enterprises (IHE), the adversity following Hurricane Maria’s devastation last fall presented unexpected opportunities amid Puerto Rico’s recovery.

Representatives from the San Juan-based hotel management company were here to offer updates on how their properties have fared in the wake of Maria as well as to discuss the state of tourism in Puerto Rico’s capital and recovery in general.

Overall the message was that IHE’s properties are up and running, and that for the most part they have been continually open in the months since Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on Sept. 20.


Trip Pulse

Carnival Corporation (Carnival) is taking direct action in Bermuda’s same-sex marriage controversy. Bermuda’s Domestic Partnership Act (DPA) which will take effect there in early June. The DPA results from a court ruling in

February that bans same-sex marriage, reversing a landmark legalization law passed in May of 2017.

Six of Carnival’s nine cruise line brands will call upon Bermuda in 2018, making a total of 59 stops. Carnival’s Cunard and P&O Cruises are registered in Bermuda. Those lines can no longer conduct same-sex marriages, regardless of where they may be sailing.


USA Today

American Airlines is ordering 47 new Boeing jets with a combined list price of $12.3 billion to replace some of its oldest planes.

The sides did not reveal details of the deal, though airlines typically negotiate sizeable discounts on such orders.

American is also canceling an order with Boeing’s European rival, Airbus, that was made last decade by US Airways prior to its merger with American.

Additionally, American delayed delivery of 40 other Boeing planes — Boeing 40 737 Max jets — that had been scheduled to arrive between 2020 and 2022


Popular Mechanics

Orion Span, a startup that launched yesterday, wants to offer luxury accommodations in space for 12-day trips at a going rate of $9.5 million.

“We’re proud to announce Aurora Station – our first orbital community – will launch in late 2021 as the world’s first luxury space hotel. By early 2022, we will be hosting tourists, astronauts, space research, and manufacturing on board Aurora Station in LEO [low Earth orbit],” says CEO Frank Bunger in an introductory blog post.

The company will not be in the rocket business and plans to rely on others to get their customers into orbit. “That will be through partnerships with SpaceX, Blue Origin or a space agency,” Bunger says in an interview with SpaceNews. Similarly, the company plans to find a partner when looking for a place to launch its modules.

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