Trip News: April 20, 2018

Hollywood, Florida


Alibaba Group on Thursday signed an agreement with the government of Thailand to build a smart digital trading hub in the country, while also working to develop its capabilities in e-commerce, digital logistics, tourism and training.

In the wide-ranging agreement, Alibaba said it would work with Thailand on everything from boosting efficiencies in trade to educating Thai entrepreneurs and SMEs in digital commerce. The partnership will give Thailand access to technologies and processes that can help advance its economy, while Alibaba gains a stronger foothold in an important market in Southeast Asia.


Trip Pulse

A new Florida law going into effect this summer is creating concern that many of the state’s beloved beaches could become off-limits to the public.

However, the Tampa Bay Times reports that visitors shouldn’t necessarily stress over HB 631, which prevents local governments from adopting ordinances to allow continued public entry to privately-owned beaches without a judge’s approval, including when a property owner wants to block off their land.

Scheduled to go into effect July 1, the bill faces strong opposition from the Florida Wildlife Federation, the Surfrider Foundation and the Florida Association of Counties, among many others.



The National Transportation Safety Board will likely take more than a year to determine what caused the catastrophic failure of an engine on Southwest Flight 1380, rupturing the cabin and killing a passenger. No surprise, then, that nobody’s waiting for the final verdict to try to stop it from happening again.

The NTSB says the engine failed after one of the blades that make up the fan at the front of the CMF56-7B engine sheared off, at 32,500 feet. Investigators found signs of metal fatigue in the blade’s stumpy remains. Here, “fatigue” essentially means weakening—a possible result of subjecting metal alloys to the extreme temperatures and heavy loads that come with every flight. The regular expansion and contraction of the metal can exaggerate the smallest defects, like micro fractures, to the point where they become dangerous.


Trip Weekly

Marriott International will start selling in-destination activities through its ‘Moments’ program that previously was available exclusively for loyalty members who had purchased such activities only through accumulated points.

Marriott, which previously offered about 8,000 activities for members of its Marriott Rewards, SPG and Ritz-Carlton Rewards loyalty programs, has added about 100,000 activities in more than 1,000 global destinations that can be purchased by anyone with cash or credit cards.

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