Trip News: May 14, 2018

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Even though Hurricane Irma forced the closures of its theme parks and airports and filled its hotels with displaced evacuees, a record-setting 72 million tourists still flocked to the Orlando area last year, tourism officials said Thursday.

The 5% year-over-year increase in visitors was powered by domestic travelers, while visits from international travelers remained soft. With those numbers, Orlando held onto its title as the most visited destination in the United States.


Trip Pulse

After years of claiming Gulf carriers received unfair government subsidies, the United States and the United Arab Emirates signed a deal Friday to release detailed financial information about airlines operating in the country.

According to The Associated Press, the agreement will apply to Etihad and Emirates airlines and will be similar to the deal struck between American officials and Qatar in January. As part of the arrangement, Qatar Airways appeased U.S. airlines by increasing financial transparency.


USA Today

Spirit Airlines is introducing a new fee, but it’s for an option the carrier thinks customers will be happy about: in-flight Wi-Fi.

Spirit announced Friday that it will become the first North American no-frills “ultra low-cost carrier” to add that capability, unveiling an aggressive plan to equip its entire fleet of about 120 planes with Wi-Fi by next summer.

Spirit touted the move as fitting into a broader strategy to “invest in the guest” and its ongoing effort to improve customers’ experiences with the carrier.


Seattle Times

Most, reveled in the flood of American tourists. An aspiring business executive at age 73, she quickly learned the art of niche marketing, adorning her home with two American flags and laying out back copies of The New Yorker magazine.

“We had so many Americans coming that we didn’t know where to put them,” Portela said.

But Cuba’s Great American Tourism Boom has turned to bust.

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