Trip News: September 25, 2018

Greenspond Newfoundland Canada

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Joining a recent wave of changes made by other United States carriers, Delta Air Lines has increased checked bag fees to $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second.

According to the Star Tribune, Delta’s increase of $5 for each bag follows recent checked baggage cost changes instituted by United Airlines and JetBlue Airways last month. Other carriers such as American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have not increased bag fees.


USA Today

Norwegian Cruise Line’s next new ship will sail from New York City in addition to Miami.

Norwegian Encore will operate seven-day Bermuda cruises out of the Big Apple starting in April of 2020, Norwegian announced this week.

The sailings will come after a previously announced series of Caribbean cruises out of Miami scheduled to take place after Encore’s completion in October 2019.



Authorities in Bali, Indonesia are setting new guidelines for tourists visiting its famed temples to mandate more respectful behavior amid what one official bemoaned as a decline in the “quality of tourists.”

The Guardian reports that the Balinese government will be reassessing temple rules in the coming weeks, including whether even to allow visitors to tour the sites without the supervision of a local guide.

The new regulations have not yet been released, but they are likely to target the tendency of tourists to clamber over sacred structures or pose beside them for Instagram photos while improperly attired.



If you make your living at sea, you take what the sea gives you.

Derm Hickey used to be a fisherman, earning his living in the seas around Newfoundland, a large island off north-east Canada with a raw, savage natural beauty. But overfishing – first of cod, then shrimp, then crab – forced Derm to look for an alternative profession.

The answer came in the form of tourism, thanks partly to the warming of the ice caps. People, and perhaps most unexpectedly Instagram-inclined millennials, were coming in significant numbers to see Newfoundland’s growing crop of icebergs.

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