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Oh Marseille, What Happened?

It’s partly my fault, I realize that. I was on a crazy schedule around France (which I agreed to) and frankly some cities suffered from lack of time. Marseille was … Read More

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Life on an Antarctic Base

Before going to bed, the expedition leader told us to expect rough waters over night as we tried to approach the station. Tried was the key word, they hadn’t been … Read More

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A Walk Through Florence, Italy

It was my first time in Florence, the capital of the Italian Renaissance and I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wait to see the art, architecture and style that has defined … Read More

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Old Port Montreal

42 Things I Love About Montreal

1. Strange mix of Old and New World that IS Montreal 2. Wandering around McGill University 3. River surfing 4. Looking for the traditional Parisian metro sign at Victoria Square … Read More

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