Temple Mount

My Unvisit to the Temple Mount

Jerusalem has many important sites, both in historical and religious contexts, usually a combination of both. The three great monotheistic religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, each claim … Read More

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The 9th Station of the Cross in the Via Dolorosa

Spiritual Trip in Jerusalem

I wouldn’t call myself a religious person, per se. Rather, I am spiritual and have always had a profound interest in religion, all religions. I was raised Lutheran in a … Read More

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Floating in the Dead Sea

A must-do experience for anyone visiting Israel or Jordan is a swim in the Dead Sea. I was on an all-day tour of major sites near Jerusalem when I made … Read More

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Jerusalem activities Ramparts Walk

Jerusalem Ramparts Walk

Jerusalem is a city of history and meaning, but it is also a city of gorgeous views and panorama. There are many ways in which to seek out unique views … Read More

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Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv

Bauhaus and The White City

Tel Aviv is a very unusual city. First, even though the oldest port in the world Jaffa is adjacent, Tel Aviv itself is only 100 years old; practically an infant … Read More

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Thai elephant statue Singapore

Hidden Landmarks

I was walking around Washington, DC the other day, en route to a meeting and jabbering on my phone while trying not to get run over, when I noticed something … Read More

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Walk to Jaffa

One of the travel items I like to carry around, if it’s available, is the Frommer’s Day by Day guide for whatever city I’m visiting. This is in no way … Read More

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